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Maldon Tuition


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Maldon Tuition Centre is proud to be a centrally located, dedicated tuition centre in the heart of Maldon.  We provide tuition in sessions with up to 5 pupils from our offices at: 50 High Street, Maldon.


For those that prefer, we are able to provide one to one tuition at our centre and tutors to work in your home.


Professional tuition is available weekdays from 16:00 onwards and on Saturday mornings.


Sessions are 1 hour long.






We are also able to provide a range of first aid training courses at our centre.  For details and bookings visit




Children experiencing difficulties in maths are likely to go on experiencing those difficulties throughout their education.  In classroom settings it is not always possible for teachers to ensure all pupils understand one topic before moving to the next.  This can be true for basic number operations such as addition and subtraction, all the way through to more complex areas being studied for GCSEs.


We aim to fill any gaps in understanding to enable pupils to move forward with confidence, and apply what they have learnt in the future, thereby enabling them to make maximum progress.




The importance of English across all subjects cannot be underestimated, as the ability to read, write, understand and reflect are key components of this area of study.


Reading, writing, comprehension, spelling, grammar and punctuation are amongst the skills we teach to help pupils improve the quality of their English, to equip them with the skills they need to do well in this subject, and support them across the whole curriculum.


Our service

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11+ & SATs

The 11+ is a particularly demanding test for any child and we aim to ensure pupils are as well prepared as they can possibly be to face this challenge.  Pupils will be prepared for the maths and English tests they are required to take by working on areas including comprehension, grammar, mathematics – including problem solving, verbal and non-verbal reasoning.


For those sitting SATs, work based on the primary curriculum helps support and reinforce the work being done in schools.  As pupils follow individual programmes, the work they do is targeted to help support areas of weakness and accelerate areas of strength.




To achieve the best possible grades, in addition to subject knowledge, pupils require a great deal of support and encouragement.  


Through focusing on exam-type questions, as well as targeted teaching, we aim to ensure pupils are as well prepared as they can possibly be to achieve the grades they deserve.

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